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The industrial sector can benefit from and to the development of IoT solutions AZLOGICA to convert traditional factories in Intelligent Factories or Smart Factories with the new developed  solution for remote and online management of boilers and generators.

Thanks to this, customers like COLMAQUINAS, -large-industry representatives will bring to market world-class technological elements to manage boilers Operation Early Warning, Intelligent online newsgathering and prediction of critical events Machine Learning.

Events such as the risk of overheating and/or explosion, stops unwanted reductions in maintenance costs, increased control, reduced operational risk and labor pass into the background thanks to these tools IoT world class.

The project developed by AZLOGICA® was based on the integration of gateways that allow you to manage and measure the operating parameters of the boiler and through data visualization tools lets you know remotely and online at what stage is the process or have any failure alarm or variable out of range.

This device has an RS485 interface with Modbus protocol where you can read all parameters and fault codes boiler.

Business Intelligence Tools and Machine Learning can bring the Big Data Story generated at a management level for decision-making and strategic level for predicting events.

A boiler is a machine or device designed for engineering generate steam. This steam is generated by heat transfer at constant pressure, in which the fluid, originally in a liquid state, is heated and changes its phase saturated steam.

Within the business lines AZLOGICA is implementing solutions in the industry in order to improve the main indicators of operational excellence in terms of productivity, quality, cost, service, security among others, Smart Factory allowed to connect in real time boilers for decision making versatility and efficiency in the process industry.

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