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The proposal for the Government sector is to contribute to the improvement of the management of patients with COVID-19, which includes: Data monitoring systems in real time, medicine Logistics and Distribution, infected patients monitoring and a system for monitoring inmates in domiciliary prison.

In order to cope the Coronavirus Pandemic AZLOGICA®, dedicated to the Development of Internet of Things Solutions (IoT) decided to share its engineering and solutions facing the sanitary crisis.

Taking this into account, through the TEAM MANAGER® platform traceability and control of essential goods in the entire Supply Chain is obtained. From its production, gathering, distribution and the arrival to the final consumer. This in order to guarantee the delivery of the goods to the people that are affected by the COVID-19 contingencies.

It also monitors infected patients with a georeferencing system the Government entities and the stakeholders will have the possibility of online and real time visualization of anyone who is infected, the countries the person has visited and the possibility of having had contact with infected patients.

The solution also provides online monitoring of confined patients, which is enabled by a bracelet with low consuming Bluetooth for monitoring. The system is provided by AZLOGICA’s platform AZBEACONS.

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