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>News >AZLOGICA® Launches Online Remote Inspection System on its Team Manager® Platform

AZLOGICA® Launches Online Remote Inspection System on its Team Manager® Platform

Based Team Manager® platform, AZLOGICA® has delivered its remote platform for inspections or professional online consultations available to the technical and specialized services sector using remote video technology recorded with Artificial Intelligence for image recognition and Machine Learning for prediction.


The system consists on management that enables, for example, a remote inspection with augmented reality that from a station, a professional can provide instructions for the inspection of work of technical services remotely to a non-expert, therefore reducing the learning curve and guaranteeing reliability, management, control and reducing costs for production processes.

The vehicle appraisal system that the company COLSERAUTO has acquired with AZLOGICA® will enable the company to accelerate and remotely manage inspections or appraisals of vehicles online, with the integration of online video and image in a robust and world-class system using the highest tools technologies available on the market today associated with Industry 4.0.

In the given example of the Team Manager® platform, insurers can evaluate damages in real-time and obtain increased profitability by reducing extra expenses due to the automation of resources and rapid coordination between all those involved in the process.

Additionally, the platform contains an image and video analysis system with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and customization management for data entry from forms. This applies to medical scenarios and is also being incorporated into 5g technology within the available networks that are currently in the testing phase.


This platform is elastic and flexible and can be adjusted to the needs of each company and can be strengthened with elements such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, image recognition, photogrammetry and are within the ISO 27001 information security framework, which guarantees protection to the data from both sender and receiver and much more confidence in the analysis process.


It can be used in medical, service, and professional sectors to reduce the impact on the learning curve of technicians through the online interaction between experts and information personnel.


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