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>News >Cannabis Growers Adopt IoT to Optimize Processes

Cannabis Growers Adopt IoT to Optimize Processes

Medical cannabis greenhouses are connected to the internet by AZLOGICA with the purpose of saving money and optimizing the production phases.

More and more cannabis growers in Colombia are implementing Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in greenhouses to optimize the use of energy, water and agrochemicals.

The medical cannabis industry can already benefit from the development of AZLOGICA®’s IoT Solutions to transform traditional agricultural production processes into Smart processes, with new developed and integrated solutions such as iCON® (Inventory Control) and Things Manager® (management and process improvement).

Business Intelligence and Machine Learning tools allow Big Data to escalate to a directive level for the decision making and a strategic level for the prediction of events.

Thanks to this, clients such as Cannabis House Colombia and great representatives of the industry, will be able to have reports about the state of the crop. With this, they will get information regarding its inputs, results and inventory. Additionally, they will receive information about costs and profits to control processes and optimize results.

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