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>News >Colombian flowers connect to Internet of Things
Flores colombianas

Colombian flowers connect to Internet of Things

Grupo Falcon Farms uses AZLOGICA’s platform (IoT) to optimize its flower transport logistics process.

The Falcon Farms Group, recognized exporter of Colombian flowers, has incorporated an IoT (Internet of Things) solution that will allow them to optimize their transport logistics process, from crops to distribution and export centers.This will be adapted on AZLOGICA’s Evolution mobile agnostic platform.

The use of AZLOGICA (IoT) technology allows optimal and safe routing of the product, controlling key variables such as temperature to guarantee safety, early alerts and prediction in the cold chain, in such a way that the flowers with high quality arrive in optimal conditions at the hands of international buyers.

This solution with a high sustainable approach also guarantees the efficient use of energy for refrigeration, allowing savings in non-renewable resources and reducing the carbon footprint in this process.

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