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>News >Companies reintegrate with biosecurity using AZLOGICA’s Free TM Cov2 application

Companies reintegrate with biosecurity using AZLOGICA’s Free TM Cov2 application

AZLOGICA has launched a new version of its well-known digital platform Team Manager®, designed to reintegrate into activity managing and verifying biosecurity mandatory aspects.

The world has drastically changed and the social an economic challenges are increasingly complex due to the fact that COVID-19 has planted with unusual urgency to seek for new options to look into the immediate future and also return to work. For this reason, Internet of Things (IoT) has proven to be one of the essential technologies

Five years ago, AZLOGICA, a leader in this field, developed the platform Team Manager® and it has become very recognized in the Latin American Market. In its constant updating, the variables generated by the pandemic have urged the company to develop the TM-CoV2 version, which is offered for free and many companies can return to work managing and controlling the biosecurity requirements, and also guarantee the optimization of the productive cycles executed by their workforce.

TM-CoV2, understood as a digital platform for management and online biosecurity verification, is being used by both clients and allies of AZLOGICA, although it is available for any person that requires it. Some allied entities have already adapted the tool to minimize their contagion risk. Among them, ANDEMOS and its affiliated companies with whom the tool will be available without cost for the controlled reactivation of the sector, and more than 200 companies of the Alumni de Inalde Community along its numerous sectors.

“We are very pleased with this tool and it will guarantee us the compliance of our security protocols in the integration of all our employees in order to avoid setbacks and acquire great speed and control in the return of our productive phase” States Monica Bautista, Manager of Geosoluciones, a company that belongs to the Hydrocarbon Sector that has recently implemented TM-CoV2 platform to return to work.

TM-CoV2, which is available in iOS and Android, runs in AZLOGICA’s specialized cloud through the Amazon AWS, allowing flexibilization and growth of the associated big data. To be able to use the digital tool, companies just have to send an email to TMCOV2@azlogica.com indicating the name of the company, the amount of users and the sector they belong.

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