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How do companies manage to position themselves through their network of strategic allies?

One of the success factors that has positioned the companies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), is the approach to projects with the latest technologies to benefit people, communities, and corporations. This is more effective through the consolidation of strategic alliances.
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AZLOGICA has a network of more than 61 partner companies that need to bring their solutions to a real market. Among the main Strategic Allies are the Distributors, who approach different scenarios with the company’s value proposition.

In this regard, AZLOGICA’s Distribution network has been expanding. Currently, a total of 5 important companies have joined the company to address a series of challenges, business opportunities, and joint projects to position themselves as strategic allies.

The new projects include solutions for agriculture, improvement of manufacturing processes, digital twins, and protection of people and forest reserves:

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  • Solutions for agriculture:

I-Open Group, a Canadian multinational, and Anikaa, are companies committed to Digital Transformation for agribusiness optimization, which includes field and harvest logistics management, agricultural distribution, Aerial inspection, among other elements.

  • Manufacture process:

Alianza IT, a consultant in Information Technology, is carrying out a project that includes the integration of IoT technology for the improvement of industrial processes, including packaging, maintenance, and treatment.

  • Digital Twins
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Among the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) are the Digital Twins, which are a virtual replica of a process, product, or service; they simulate the behavior of their physical counterparts. Binnops, a company with expertise in this field recognizes Internet of Things as a fundamental partner to optimize their Digital Twins solutions and processes.

  • Protection of people and forest reserves:

Some of the main challenges of public sector entities are the protection of people who support land restitution processes and safeguard areas from forest fires. For OFIBOD, a company from the public sector, Internet of Things (IoT) technology is essential to achieve these goals.

These companies have seen AZLOGICA as a fundamental strategic ally to achieve their objectives with the use of World Class Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which allows addressing these important challenges, contributing to sustainability, and facilitating their acceleration towards Digital Transformation.

Your company can also expand the portfolio of services with IoT, earn money and increase its competitiveness in the sector. If you want to become a strategic partner of AZLOGICA, fill out the following form:

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