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How will the 5G Highway Power Internet of Things (IoT)?

It is certain that in the future, eventualities such as the recent incident of the Ever Given cargo ship, which ran aground in the Suez Canal, or the case of vessels facing mishaps on their approaches to ports, will be completely avoided when the communication technology of the fifth generation allows the development of applications that make preventive examinations of distances, approaches, water currents, wind behavior, and others as essential support for maritime navigation.

5G technology and Internet of Things have already started to set a course for the world’s socio-economic factors. In 2020, and because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world faced a significant challenge in a whirling way to better safeguard the economy, which implied adopting different forms of remote work.

In response, interconnectivity needed to be more efficient and it is indisputable that the economic reopening at a global level, with its different demands, has been making more active use of Internet of Things (IoT) and its possibilities to boost digital interactions.

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But it’s not just about connecting and communicating more effectively. Internet of Things (IoT) is, by far, the turning point on the way to new technologies and business models on all economic, cultural, industrial, scientific, educational, computing and communication fronts, among others.

In cybersecurity, for example, levels of impermeability to criminal acts will increase, allowing private and state organizations to safeguard their valuable information from clients, employees, citizens, and government records.

Remote work activity, increasingly dynamic, requires more and more Internet of Things (IoT) to make its different areas more flexible and have greater control over them. In the same way, that automation processes will become more effective, intelligent, and proactive, using advanced technologies such as Robotization, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and advanced algorithms.

On another perspective, there is Cloud optimization, with increasingly greater possibilities in the management of applications, data, assets, and their infrastructure, consequently optimizing the challenges that organizations encounter among their needs.

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IoT for Latin America

Trends and the Internet of Things (IoT) market clearly state that 5G technology will provide greater connectivity and faster performance speeds on your devices, improving their functionality and effectiveness. It is logical that while these accomplishments progress, the global demand will increase as well.

In Latin America, we are not far from these probabilities, and the Colombian company AZLOGICA has proven to be a pioneer in the implementation of the Internet of Things. In 2015, the company developed the Team Manager® platform and has been updating it. The needs that rose out of the COVID-19, implied the TM-CoV2 version, with the idea that companies could manage, optimize and control their production cycles.

Very soon, the  5G technology properties will facilitate an improvement of AZLOGICA’s Pay As You Drive® platform, which has been providing the insurance sector, not only the possibility of streamlining the processes of buying and selling vehicle insurance, but also the parameterization of its variables, get exposure levels online, and automatically establish a rate for each coverage in a policy and that it adjusts to a real value. With the platform, it will allow sectors associated with automobiles, transportation in general, Obligatory insurance, and even General Insurance, to evaluate the degree of exposure to real risk measured with telematics, GPRS-GPS devices, processing, analysis of exposure and consumption, and analytical prediction.

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In essence, and thanks to 5G technology, this tool will provide more quality and speed in the appraisal processes. The latency will have an almost total reduction, translated into a high-quality image. There is no doubt that the presence of the expert will soon be abolished by an efficient online process, with high-quality standards, which will potentially benefit mobility solutions.

These solutions, of high benefit to the community, use programming interfaces for increasingly flexible applications with high control capacities. In the automobile sector, these tools will streamline prevention standards to reduce accidents. There will be a reduction in the impact or risk of driving in increasingly clogged cities. These solutions use the integrated technology of Internet of Things (IoT) in traffic systems and vehicles, the design of smarter networks to reduce traffic and congestion

At this point, it is worth mentioning Artificial Intelligence, which due to its permanent evolution during the last decade, has been essential in supporting different and complex processes of companies and governments. It is worth mentioning that it has been instrumental to understand the COVID-19 pandemic and developing vaccines in record times.

Artificial Intelligence has become the basis of marketing, providing a better relationship with customers and pandemic times it enabled to register consumer behavior data. These innovations and new dimensions in business will allow, because of Artificial Intelligence in Internet of Things (IoT), that organizations take on a more productive business panorama.

In the case of AZLOGICA and its employment in the vehicle insurance sector, Artificial Intelligence will allow the accurate measurement of damage and its level on a vehicle after an incident. The tool will provide the repair variables and their justifications through telecommunication systems.

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5G in Health

Finally, and turning back to performance and taking into account the openness towards new applications that will be developed with the arrival of 5G technology, one of the most favored lines will indeed be health and the increasing incorporation of electronic factors in areas such as telemedicine, telesurgery and remote surveillance.

The COVID-19 pandemic situation has revealed a growing need to accelerate the adoption of new technologies that will still be reliable in the immediate future. This advantage has indeed been directly related to the biosafety protocols that have become so demanding since the Coronavirus pandemic was established, and the associations that are made concerning the epidemiological fence and the administration of the controls they demand. Analysis of socio-demographic variables of patients;  symptomatic records; quantification of environments according to temperature measurements and their respective monitoring.

Other applications are already seeing the light in the health field. The first has to do with the control of a patient’s health status remotely, through the management of all the medical information of the patient and the variables associated with treatments and procedures that require the assistance and physical presence of the doctor or not.

Through sensors that perform the different readings from the patient, the necessary information input is transferred online to the doctor who can monitor the patient and its status, or address the required action with the appropriate decision. Therefore, due to Business Intelligence reports, early alerts are produced to take immediate actions, becoming timely decisions, enabling statistics that accelerate the prediction and the effective possibility of taking preventive measures.

Another solution in the health sector through Internet of Things is associated with the management of home medical assistance. From your vehicle, a system connects the doctor and after receiving a person’s request, management factors, location, assignment, registration, and travel times are streamlined, thereby reducing care and diagnosis times.

In another scenario, there are virtual assistance systems, employing high-quality video that allows a preliminary observation from images through to Artificial Intelligence that provides visualization elements in the diagnosis, that is capable of facilitating the doctor with a more accurate medical assistance.

The technological acceleration in the solutions posed by Internet of Things (IoT) and the use of 5G technology leads to economic growth, a high Return on Investment, within the scope of Sustainable Development, and the possibility to place certain daily activities within a high technological standard favoring people, communities, cities, and governments.

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