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>News >Internet of Things (IoT) will be essential to face COVID-19

Internet of Things (IoT) will be essential to face COVID-19

In a letter sent to the Colombian Government and other members of the Advisory Council on Technological Affairs, AZLOGICA offers its experience and knowledge on Internet of Things to mitigate the negative effects of the Pandemic.


The Colombian company AZLOGICA, with extensive experience on the technology sector and its specialization in the digital transformation through Internet of Things, has offered its solution to the government  with the aim of offering its human and technological resources to the newly formed Advisory Council on Technological Affairs, which is part of the government’s strategy to use technology in order to seek for impactful solutions to face the current sanitary crisis for the well-being of the Country.

AZLOGICA has understood the importance of these technological demands during these times of sanitary emergency. That is why it is offering its Team Manager® version TM-CoV2 platform for free, in order to provide the companies that are vital in the current contingency, the possibility of managing  their Supply Chain and carry out an appropriate validation of compliance of the Biosecurity protocols

AZLOGICA has also understood its participation among the greatest technological companies that  are gathered in this Advisory Council of Technological Affairs is important, not only for its expertise in the world of digital transformation, but because it has assiduously put its experience in Internet of Things as a fundamental tool to serve  several of the companies gathered in this council (Intel, Amazon-AWS, Nokia, Telefónica, Claro and Tigo Une), which are strategic  allies in the construction of models and systems that allow constant innovation within their needs and their service delivery.

For AZLOGICA to submit its participation on this Advisory Council, more than a challenge, it is a conviction that the talent and scope of its proposals of Internet of Things pursue the facilitation of a powerful tool that in the short term, can effectively feed that solution of the challenges that the Government and the Colombian people are facing.

AZLOGICA expects, not only to be part of these multinational companies of the highest level, which as it of public knowledge don´t have a legal establishment and of operate virtually, but to be a substantial support for their congregation of work sources that are working alongside the Government to alleviate and encourage optimal safety and health conditions that are needed at this moment.

At AZLOGICA it is clear that  its contributions to the social field, in the search for equity and a better world that are set in the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations are within your reach thanks to the fact that human, technological and technical resources make this possible.




Annex: Letter to the President

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