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>News >Precise use of fuel, Solistica’s Goal

Precise use of fuel, Solistica’s Goal

With its international leadership in the Internet of Things field, AZLOGICA has provided technological support to Solistica, the largest comprehensive logistics services company in Latin America, with a solution based on analytical resources that will allow optimization in fuel management and decreased risk, for its new truck fleet.

Solistica, which has been characterized by its ability to generate valuable solutions in the planning, control and efficiency of the logistics chain, will increase value to these objectives with the implementation of a tool developed by AZLOGICA, which will allow the company to control critical issues in its operation, especially the use of fuel.

Given the variables that are present in the trasnport operation, and through the system implemented by AZLOGICA, it will be possible to carry out an exhaustive monitoring of these trucks, with a high traceability that will allow recording the use of fuel and, thus analyze all the variables related to the truck such us its behavior, time, distance, speed and handling.

The application of this tool will allow Solistica to obtain return on investment, although the profit margins in the transport operation are quite tight. In this way, different negative factors, such as fuel fraud in its different forms, will decrease.

Traceability to these variables will evaluate and guarantee the effective use of each gallon of fuel used.

It is worth noting that these latest Solistica model trucks, connected through AZLOGICA, will also generate a positive impact within sustainability, understanding that the savings generated by optimizing the use of fuel will translate into a significant decrease in emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere, which means a decrease in the carbon footprint.

But also, it is expected that, the tool will generate an impact among drivers, which will be decisive in their professionalization, translating this into a factor of road safety, thanks to the decrease in speed indexes and the decrease in accidents.


From AZLOGICA, always at the technological forefront in the Internet of Things, and its objective of offering effective solutions to the problems of today’s world, there is full assurance that Solistica’s experience will result not only in economic performance but also in a social and sustainable benefit, in line with its philosophy of placing world-class technology as a vital tool in the face of the challenges posed by the United Nations from its Sustainable Development Goals.

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