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>News >Investors and financial analysts see Low Risk opportunities in AZLOGICA

Investors and financial analysts see Low Risk opportunities in AZLOGICA

With high levels of reliability and assurance capacity in terms of funding, AZLOGICA has proven to be attractive for Capital Investors, to meet IoT needs in the market.


Within its expertise as a leader in Technological Development especially in Internet of Things, AZLOGICA, once again, stands out as a company with strong potential in its ability to attract investors, thanks to its solidity and suitability to generate projects; today in the context of this exceptional situation generated by the pandemic, but also in the future, at the level of government agencies, private companies and their well-known strategic allies.

AZLOGICA’s financial strength establishes an opening for those investors with available capital in search of solid destinations. Along these lines, and within the strategies established by the company, such solidity allows the certainty of a capital investment with excellent financial growth. But in addition, the company’s ability to provide developing technology for projects that find their support in this type of funds is then assured.


This financial strength of AZLOGICA is supported by reports from analysts and investment portals. One of the most recent is the report presented by the Center for Studies for Financial Analysis of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, which this month, as a certification, places AZLOGICA as a Low Risk company.

This is related to the presentation of IoT projects that seek economic investment, processed through the First Investment Market Place, SeSocio.com, with projects of high social impact such as its Team Manager TMCov2, an application for the management of reimbursement of workers after the restrictions and prevention that the coronavirus pandemic has demanded.


The support that the Argentine university has given to AZLOGICA, adds to the presence of the company in the technical report that, at the end of 2019, was presented by IDB Invest, GSMA and Frost & Sullivan, called “Preparation for the disruption of the Internet of things / Focus on Latin America ”and in which the company appears highlighted as one of the success stories in the region and in which its competitive differentials are valued.

This report highlights AZLOGICA’s ability to perform customizations with a high degree of precision according to customer needs and available resources. But it also notes how the company carries out a permanent investment in Research and Development, regardless of the maturity of the market or the flow of income, and finally, values its co-creation processes, always focused on the Return on Investment.


With management indicators of high rank for 2020 with Net Income (cagr *) of 59%, Clients (cagr) at 33%, Average Profitability of 31%, AZLOGICA´S operation also presents healthy financial indicators, periodically measured in its Balanced Scorecard, as a management control method that increases the growth and sustainability of the company over time.

AZLOGICA has been referenced as an attractive company for investment by various entities such as the Investment Banking company “ACTIVOS Y FINANZAS”. It was selected in 2016 by “INNPULSA” – Colombian Government Entity for Entrepreneurship-, as well as BANCOLDEX’s standing out when choosing AZLOGICA as one of the Best Companies to Invest in.


These entities, as the report of the U of Buenos Aires dictates, deliver a concept based on Low Risk, and it is estimated that investment in projects are highly attractive and beneficial to the market. These are also supported by a good ability to pay principal and interest on the agreed terms, which speaks to the strength of AZLOGICA.

In the midst of pandemic times and a generalized crisis in all economic and social spheres, and despite the day-to-day alerts that the situation generates, AZLOGICA continues to generate projects aimed at sustainability, the reduction of environmental impact and for that matter current, mitigation of risks caused by Covid19. And this Good Risk rating given to the company, only confirms an excellent symptom of financial strength and an immense capacity to generate projects aimed at digital transformation.

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