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>News >On World Environment Day, AZLOGICA launches ECODRIVE® free for all its clients.

On World Environment Day, AZLOGICA launches ECODRIVE® free for all its clients.

ECODRIVE® is a technological tool that helps to visualize, manage and predict fossil fuel consumption and thus reduce carbon dioxide emissions as a clear climate action that can be adopted by any type of company.

The planet has breathed again thanks to the forced cessation of activities that the pandemic generated at all levels. But soon normalcy will return and our steady stride will again defeat the transient condition of a clean atmosphere and breathable air. Today, when World Environment Day is celebrated, AZLOGICA has wanted to remember our commitment as a society to advocate for a less polluted world. For this reason, on this special date, it makes its ECODRIVE® application available to its clients at no cost, as an added value to its current service portfolio.

A decade ago, AZLOGICA made an impact in the technological field with the development of its ECODRIVE® application, an Internet of Things (IoT) solution for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Its objective: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the production processes of companies and in the daily lives of people.

Very soon, the tool, with its constant updates, has demonstrated its effectiveness in generating a positive impact on climate change, using sensors and devices that measure the activity of connected physical assets, and their energy consumption, on activities whose work causes negative impacts on the environment. ECODRIVE® then allows permanent and online monitoring that leads to the optimization of the level of polluting emissions as a guide to actions to be environmentally sustainable.

ECODRIVE® allows companies to establish comparative parameters in the use of machines where the most common are motor vehicles powered by gasoline, diesel, gas and even electricity, and determine their energy consumption, their emission of polluting gases and externalities, and permanently monitor the degree of reduction (or increase) in environmental impact.

Following real objectives in the quantification of contributions to climate change, and the importance that these will have once the world enters the post-Covid dynamics19, the role of ECODRIVE® is framed in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals set by United Nations, specifically those related to sustainable cities and communities, climate action, clean and affordable energy, and responsible consumption and production, but also with the objectives established in the Paris Agreements, to be achieved before 2030, and of which it does Most of the countries of the American continent and Europe share.

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