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We are developers of IoT solutions. The success of our solutions lies in the ability to co-create multiple databases on our platform so at high speed and with our highly scalable solutions are tailored to the need of the customer.

All solutions utilize world-class technology with the highest standards of Quality and Information Security.



Our hardware platform can integrate, develop and manufacture the hub devices (gateways) sensors and communication protocols transversely to the need for each use case and their physical, chemical and environmental.

To tailor each solution, data acquisition sensors and gateways hubs and even the performance of the same on assets control, is adapted to the ecosystem on which they operate. Hardware Our platform allows integrations and developments at maximum speed.



We are agnostic in telecommunications formats. We work with all telecommunications networks robust in the global market. Since wireless and Ethernet, via cellular networks 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and 4.5G, to alternative complementary as LORA, Sigfox, NBIoT, RF, RFID, Bluetooth, and nano- satellites so used the most appropriate or combination thereof. This optimizes the transmission of data set to each scenario and investment returns.


INFRASTRUCTURE - Cloud or on Premises

Somos aliados estratégicos de las plataformas cloud mas importantes del planeta. Aun así, tenemos capacidad de poner las soluciones en la infraestructura de preferencia de cada cliente. E incluso migrarlas de una infraestructura a otra, si el cliente lo considera apropiado o genera mayor ROI. 


SOFTWARE: Co-creación Ux / Ui.

We are strategic allies of the major cloud platforms of the planet. Still, we are able to put in infrastructure solutions for each customer preference. And even migrate an infrastructure to another, if the client deems appropriate or generates greater ROI.

Data Visualization

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE - Data Visualization and Analytics to Measure

The power of decision is the quality of the data and display it. The most important tools used worldwide for intelligent reports (Business Intelligence) and Tableau, Power BI, Tibco, Qlick, DV Oracle, SAS, tools or customer preference.

We support with data analysis and predicting their future decisions based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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