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Solution for performance in forklift use

For two decades, Sedial Logística has been establishing itself as one of the strongest strategic ally companies in supply of specialized services related to distribution, warehousing, and logistics. Some of the largest manufacturers of mass consumer products are currently using their operations, and now they are establishing a association with AZLOGICA, thanks to its place as a leader in development of Internet of Things Solutions.

With the technological contribution of AZLOGICA, Sedial Logística has incorporated a solution that is being applied to 20 of its forklifts, which relate to the objective of ​​optimizing their operability and therefore their productivity. This is made possible with a tool that allows establishing efficiency, identification, and dimensioning values ​​within of the operation variables.

This optimization in the logistical management of its operations does not only focus on one operational factor. The use of this tool is equally intended for risk management. So, during the analyzes that allow the establishment of the most productive activities, data is also collected on the operating variables of the forklifts aimed at mitigating the risk variables of the operators.


With a great return on your investment (ROI), from now on Sedial will have in AZLOGICA’s platform a solution, from the easiest to the most challenging problems of their operations.

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