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>Success Cases AZLOGICA

The system is installed from the production line of Renault, the French manufacturer of the world’s largest production Alliance…..

Solution for remote management and IoT Industrial (IIoT) Control of Base Stations and technical sites distribution network connectivity …

Beverage loading vehicles of have an installed system by capturing and sending data to the online cloud software, configured….

The harvest in this Sugar Mill is optimized by connecting the machinery line (harvesters, hoists, cane trains, aircraft, tractors and other support vehicles)


In insurance companies of Allianz’s portfolio, assets have been connected as vehicles and productive processes to support management of the risk of both…..

G4S has made a Strategic Alliance with AZLOGICA Strategic Alliance to use the flexibility, scalability and security information across multiple platforms ….

Through IoT tools, AON includes in its proposed value-added brokerage to manage and gain greater visibility of the insured risk…….

PAY AS YOU DRIVE® the award-winning program Innovation and AZLOGICA® trademark has been adapted to the needs of AXA for exploration ….

Machines and equipment used in construction processes have high associated costs to the amount of working hours ….

Implemented solution to the Senior Directives and the Insurance Sector, during International Convention to identify their particular interest in conferences …

In Bogotá there are 400 000 public lighting lamps. electronic systems were installed in the most susceptible to theft or damage……

Operation Technical Services of EMCALI (one of the companies most important public services in Latin America) is managed and optimized by visualization ……..

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